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Photo of the 1899 Clark Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church on Franklin Street. Image from the Clark Memorial 1984 Homecoming Program.

About Us

Clark Memorial United Methodist Church was established in Nashville in 1865, moving to its present location in 1945. It remains an active place of worship for its faith community.

Clark also has deep connections to the development of Nashville's Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and the ongoing fight for equality and civil rights in Nashville and beyond.

Browse this site to learn more about Clark's history and its legacy in Nashville.


This timeline takes you through some of the most notable events in Clark Memorial's history - beginning with its formation in 1865.

1865 - Clark Chapel was founded at the site of the former Andrew's Chapel on Franklin Street. Land purchased by the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church was designated as a house of worship and Negro school.

1866 Rev. John Seay

1866-1867 Rev. W.B. Crichlow

1867 Rev. Daniel Brown

1867-1868 Rev. John Braden

1868-1869 Rev. William Butler

1869-1870 Rev. Calvin Pickett

1870-1872 Rev. James Pickett

1872-1874 Rev. J.C. Thompson

1874-1876 Rev. William Butler

1876-1878 Rev. C.S. Smith

1878 Rev. C.W. Wood

1878-1881 Rev. D.W. Hayes

1881-1884 Rev. L.M. Haygood

1884-1886 Rev. Andrew Phillips

1886-1888 Rev. J.B. Bradford

1888-1892 Rev. H.W. White

1892-1897 Rev. C.B. Wilson

1897-1899 Rev. G.W. Zigler

1899-1902 Rev. E.W.S. Hammond

1902-1910 Rev. T.W. Johnson

1910-1912 Rev. R.T. Weatherby

1912-1915 Rev. N.D. Shamburger

1915-1918 Rev. W.R. Stephens

1918-1920 Rev. J.W. Wells

1920-1922 Rev. John H. Ellis

1922-1925 Rev. C.K. Brown

1925-1932 Rev. G.W. Lewis

1932-1934 Rev. A.D. Williams

1934-1941 Rev. J.C. Johnson

1941-1953 Rev. D.M. Grisham

1953-1957 Rev. L.L. Haynes

1957-1959 Rev. R.W. Kelly

1959-1965 Rev. A.M. Anderson

1965-1968 Rev. John Corry

1968-1983 Rev. W.C. Dobbins

1983-1986 Rev. Dr. Joe K. Shelton, Sr.

1986-1996 Rev. James R. King, Jr.

1996-1998 Rev. Roland Long

1998-2004 Rev. Edward E. Bufford

2004-2008 Rev. Warren G. Booker, Jr.

2008-2012  Rev. Harold L. Martin

2012-2015 Rev. Dr. Kennard Murray

2015-2021 Rev. Dr. Herbert Lester

2021-present Rev. Toi King

Pastors of Clark

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