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Nurture & Membership Care 

The Nurture and Membership Care ministry is dedicated to providing care and support to all members of our community. We understand the importance of staying connected and ensuring that no one feels isolated. We strive to cultivate new and alienated members, making everyone feel welcome and valued.

What are Nurture and Membership Care Ministries

Nurture and Membership Care is a ministry area that provides support for congregants along their faith journeys. We offer prayer and care for those in need, as well as opportunities for fellowship. Our team works closely with other ministry areas to provide extended care, support, and spiritual formation. NMC is proud to be the parent ministry of several committees, including Archives & History, the Birthday Committee, Membership Orientation, Congregational Care, Good Samaritans, Support Groups, and the Library Committee.


If you are interested in getting involved with our Nurture and Membership Care Ministries, call the church office or email the NMC ministry chair! 




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